Indoor baseball and softball at its best!

When you are looking to brush up on your baseball or softball game, indoor instruction is the answer. Rain, snow, sleet, or shine, indoor facilities are where it’s at! Don’t let external problems (weather) prevent your practice. Come to Sluggers’ Dry Diamond and get your game on!

We are the premier indoor baseball and softball facility in the Lehigh Valley region. We have partnered with the Lehigh Valley Men’s Senior Baseball League, and we have instructors who were former Allentown Ambassadors! Each instructor is ready to share their knowledge, which is backed by real experience! They always have something valuable to offer their students.

Our 16,000 square foot facility offers turf for speed and agility training, indoor batting cages with one-hour tunnel rentals, and we have a ProBatter Professional Batting System! Simulation has never been more precise than with the equipment at Sluggers’ Dry Diamond. We can accommodate any level of player. Our pitching machines are quality, and they can throw any pitch repeatedly, so you can perfect your batting and increase your skill.

Every ball player knows that skill is the most important aspect of any game, and practice makes perfect. Once your skills are honed, however, equipment is the only thing that can enhance performance. That is why Sluggers’ Dry Diamond has partnered with Ruff Sports to offer you the best in sports equipment retail.

At Sluggers’ Dry Diamond, our priority is you, and we want to make sure that we are doing all we can to give you the best indoor baseball or softball experience. We offer pitching machines that can take baseballs or softballs, and we offer state-of-the art technology to make sure that you’ve got access to the very best the baseball industry has to offer. We’d like to think that we have the indoor baseball and softball business perfected, but this is only possible with your help. We want to hear from you! If you have suggestions or needs that we are not fulfilling, please contact us.

More importantly, visit our facility! Once you see it, you’ll know we’re the best!

Sluggers Dry Diamond
1716 East Tremont Street
Allentown, PA 18109

Don’t forget to check out our F.A.A.S.T. Program! Developed by Jason Brader, this training program gets players moving quicker and throwing stronger while maintaining correct form and movement that prevents injuries and improves their game. You can check out his website here for more information. It is worth every penny!


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