Baseball and Softball Resources

  1. Dick’s Sporting Goods: This site covers almost everything you’ll need to know about baseball. Here, you can read through countless articles and checklists!
  2. Stack: Training, nutrition and videos. Stack is great for collecting and reviewing, no matter your skill level.
  3. Hitting World: This site has tons of information on how to improve your swing. If you’re looking for new drills, read through this article.
  4. Men’s Journal: Some of the best advice comes from professionals. Men’s Journal published this article from Mike Trout, offering tips to little league baseball players looking to go pro.
  5. TeamSnap: Softball, while very similar to baseball, comes with it’s own set of special tips. This website not only offers that but is a place for community as well.
  6. Active: In order to become the best, you need to master the fundamentals first. Check out this blog to see if you know them all!
  7. Softball Performance: Only a fraction of practice should be spent on hitting drills. Working on your pitch and fielding technique is also important.
  8. Livestrong: This popular website has a plethora of information on nearly every topic you could think of. If you’re looking to gain some real insight on softball or baseball, this site definitely has you covered.

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